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AU Meme: Nash is your over-protective boyfriend - You have been dating Nash for a while and he invites you to join him on tour. When you meet the boys, they bond with you straight away but notice that Nash gets jealous really easily so they joke around just to piss him off, though it gets on his nerves eventually.


Requested by anon.

None of the gifs are mine, just the edits.

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    Ashton Irwin is just a really good singer

  • Album

    god dammit im angry that he doesnt

  • Artist

    so why doesn't he realize it



I like to call this audio: If Ashton actually thinks he is a bad singer he is an idiot. (xx)

right now im screaming bc i want hear his voice more often, or like every time bc he sings so damn good that i cant even ugh can they please record four songs with just one of them singing ? like one song for each kldfhglskghkjdg,

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